Ever heard of the phrase ‘create, publish and share’ well I have and I think its awesome.  Just thinking about the last couple of months when I didn’t make use of this technique makes me annoyed.  Trying new things is definitely a good way of learning and in the past couple of weeks I have definitely learned a lot.  Okay let me get straight to the point.

Last month or so I came across this tool called scoop.it and I started to include it into my usual link building strategy. So when a new article or blog post was written I shared it on Scoop.It which is a content curation site that also allows one to write a short snippet of text summarising the content in a paragraph.  That way the content is seen as unique and not just copied from the original source. I did this with a number of clients blogs and the next month I realised a rise in incoming links for those clients.

Increased Shares On Twitter

Another good thing about using a great platform such as scoop it for content curation,  is that it allows you to share your scoop with a tweet.  In each case I made sure I tweeted at the client with their twitter name so that they could also re-tweet the post and share it with their niche community of followers.

scoopit demo

The screen shot above shows that with each content scoop,  users can easily tweet their  content to their followers. I also used this feature to tweet at relevant parties as mentioned above. Think about it all that sharing is bound to get someone interested sharing your content too. As well as doing this I also started scooping other author’s content and they followed me and scooped my content too.

Increased Back links Over Time

After following this method for about a month or so,  I looked over the back link profile and noted that the external links had shot up a lot. Especially for one website as can be seen in the screenshot below.  As long as the content is interesting and one builds their community by following others and sharing their content,  others will be led to follow your content and scoop your content too.


See how the number of links has risen, very steadily at first and  then climbing up further and further.  It’s an interesting sight to see and I am happy that I’ve included content curation into my link building strategy.   Thanks for reading.  If you have any comments feel free to add them below.

By Ibukun Sodipe