I’ve been using twitter a lot these days,  to scour for relevant bloggers,  to find relevant content and really dig into the latest trends in SEO.   This post is going to be really short as I am still learning some of these techniques and will be blogging a lot more on this topic in the future. In this time I have been able to find relevant influential people in this field and even reached out to a few of them. On account of this, I have increased my own influence and even gained a few more twitter followers in the process.

The Use Of Twitter

Many influential thought leaders,  and bloggers use twitter to actually share their content with their followers.  As you will already know you can use twitter to connect with like-minded people in the same line of industry. A number of these influential bloggers will be happy when one re-tweets their content and thus help their content reach more people.

Getting Mentions

When you tweet a bloggers content and mention them in the tweet you are letting them know that you have shared their content.  This will increase the likelihood of you getting some kind of appreciation and that’s what this influential social media thought leader has explained in his post about a follow Friday technique that he uses to reward those who have re-tweeted his tweets,  tweeted him a compliment or anyone he had a conversation with.  This is some of the ways you can increase your influence on Twitter and social media platforms.  By really communicating with people and taking the time to form relationships online.  Good luck as you go about tweeting and try to get as many mentions as you can.

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By Ibukun Sodipe