As you will have gathered from my last post, I have been using twitter to find link opportunities by building relationships with thought leaders i.e. influential people.

During this time, I have gained a few twitter followers of people I could actually see myself working with in the future. I also came across a few ‘buy twitter followers schemes’ that I was quite curious about.  I looked into the whole concept and I realised that it could actually do more harm than good.  For instance, if  I did purchase this scheme, how about if my existing followers found out? Would it even be legal? How about if I wanted to become an influential thought leader in my line of industry and be a part of the knowledge graph? Would I be able to do that, whilst buying irrelevant followers that couldn’t care less about what I tweet about?

What Do Others Say About Buying Twitter Followers?

I read a few blog posts about why not to buy twitter followers and this post really went into detail. At the end of reading the post, I had already made up my mind and decided that I wouldn’t buy twitter followers.

Below is one of the comments after reading the post that struck out to me.


Imagine, this commenter would rather wait 10 years to build faithful followers who,  at the end of the day are interested to hear what I have to say and would even re-tweet my updates from time to time. These faithful followers would be able to help me reach even more people by re-tweeting my content or blog post to their own followers.  Making my service even more available and reachable to more people outside my immediate circle of followers.

The Conclusion

This is what using Twitter is all about. It’s about building relationships with real people, earning their trust and finding a way to work with them. You can use Twitter to connect with those who you are trying to convince to read your informative blog, buy your product, review your product or share their opinion on your product. Hence, reaching their followers and increasing visits to your website, which would then increase the likelihood of you making more sales.  It’s all a cycle,  that has become a lot clearer to those who use it properly, to build a fan base that is not based on fakery. Anyway, I’ve made my point.  How about you, what do you think? Leave your comments below.

By Ibukun Sodipe