HMV going into administration shocked us all, but earlier on this afternoon the social media team of HMV took to twitter to vent out their anger over being fired.

HMV Tweets

From A Management Point of View

Coming from a business management point of view, the directors should have ensured that the social media accounts passwords were changed in order to avoid this from happening.  There is no doubt that this is an embarrassment to HMV, who have deleted the tweets and will have to answer a lot of questions to clear the air.  Ve Interactive’s Social media team also blogged about the incident from a human resource point of view so take a look at their view on this topic.

As seen in the image below; One of the staff member’s commented on the situation.


Never Underestimate the Power Of Social Media

My conclusion on this matter is that one should never underestimate the power of social media. Little did HMV know that their injustice to their workers (firing the hard workings staff and leaving the directors) would have been broadcasted on twitter to all of their 72,109 twitter followers. They should have anticipated something like this could occur and handled the situation. If you are an employer,  learn from this as it can happen to anyone.

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By Ibukun Sodipe