Recently, I have been doing a bit more of content marketing and would like share a few things I found useful in the process. I also started thinking about the content I come across that captures me and keeps me reading until the end and I thought to myself  ‘I hope my blogs are engaging too’. If not, you could always leave a comment and advise me on what you think about my content.  Here are some of the ways I have discovered to use content marketing to engage with readers.

Using Experience As The Best Teacher

Have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘experience is the nest teacher? well, it certainly is. Think about it, when you experience something you usually can explain it better and much more effectively than when you hear about  someone.  You can also apply this concept into your content marketing efforts. I have done this with my post titled: The Power Of Social Media (Especially In The Case Of HMV) where I showed real examples about the power of social media and used pictures on real tweets that went hand in hand with what I was trying to explain. To me,  that was an experience on its own, it was not my first-hand experience but I saw this incident occurring and discussed it with my peers at work.  I thought about it and tried to imagine myself in the victim’s position, I then thought about how I would react to the situation.  These are the sort of things you can put into practice when writing content.

Be Passionate About Your Content

When you are passionate about something and you write about it,  chances are it will show in the tone of your message.  You will elaborate about the key facts of your passion and you will make an effort to persuade others to become interested in it. Here are some of the bloggers that meets this criteria.

One blogger that really puts this into practice is;  Sean  Si –  especially with his blog post titled; SEO Without Boundaries which I found extremely helpful as an SEO practitioner. It is clear from all his posts that he is passionate about SEO and proves his knowledge through his content.

Remind Yourself Why You Started Writing In The First Place

Some people write to remind themselves of their passion, some to attract clients and to keep them informed on product and service updates,  for others it’s to share their knowledge.  Anyway, whatever your reason for blogging and writing content in general remind yourself of it once in a while.  It will motivate you to keep on blogging, writing and to be engaging in the content.

By Ibukun Sodipe