We all know that link building is not an easy task,  and with the constant search algorithm changes,one has to practice effective link building tactics in order to increase traffic. I have been doing some research into some of the effective ways to get increased traffic through effective link building and I mentioned some of these in recent blog posts about SEO tactics and creative link building. Below are some more link building tactics that guarantees  a significant amount of traffic to your website and many of these tactics do not take too much of your time.


Try placing a few competitions on your website and posting these on relevant and authoritative competition sites such as Hot Deals and Prize Finder as these website gets a lot of traffic daily. If done well then you could be getting loads of visits from those who will be interested in entering the competitions.

Targeted Forum Submissions

I recently submitted a few special offers to Loquax.com on behalf of a client and the client’s website received a lot of traffic from this forum because it was a relevant and authoritative one that gets a lot of traffic daily.  I then looked back at the stats of how many views the forum post received and I was astounded at how many people thanked me for sharing the special offer on the forum. Try out forums like Loquax and you should get some positive response.  Don’t forget to include a link back to your website which will preferably be one of your product pages on your e-commerce site.

Event Submissions

Whenever you are hosting an event for your business and you want to spread the word you can always post these on a relevant website like; Time Out London  who  also gets thousands of visitors a day.

Picture Submissions

These are one of the sites that you can submit the picture of your product to and even list your website on.  For instance websites like wanelo.com allows you to submit products that you’d like to buy from websites.  As an e-commerce site you could also list your site here if your website is in the home, fashion, design, or even technology products and accessories market. In short, it’s a great way to promote online products.

Shopping Website Submissions

Submitting your e-commerce website to  a shopping comparison websites such as Price Runner is free and all you have to do is submit a data feed with your entire product catalog. Don’t think of it as stressful, instead think of all the results you’ll be getting. A lot of e-commerce sites have benefited from services like this and as a result get thousands of referrals from niche shopping comparison websites.

I hope you have found these very useful.  If you have any more effective link building tactics please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

By Ibukun Sodipe