As a link builder, it is important to be able to run a successful bloggers outreach program, by knowing exactly how to approach bloggers. Writing guest posts on niche and relevant blogs is a great way to reach a targeted and relevant audience. So getting it right, by knowing what to say and how to persuade a blogger that your content is just right for his or her blog, is very vital.

Suzanne owns a travel blog and gets a lot of traffic to it daily. This no doubt attracts many people who are looking for guest post opportunities. Here is Suzanne’s view on guest blogging, what it should contain and the reasons why;

Hi! I’m Suzanne and I own the blog Travel Addict. I’m a massive fan of travelling so thought it only made sense for me to start my own blog, giving my travel tips to others.

How I got started with guest blogging

After just writing my own content for my blog I decided to contact a few travel bloggers whose blogs I’d been keeping up with. Instead of just writing a mass email, which I pretty sure most bloggers are used to and can easily spot, I decided to show that I actually read the blog by referring to one of their posts. I then proposed three content ideas relating to their blog and let them choose their favourite. Most bloggers were happy to let me guest post and some even thanked me for writing an emailed tailored to them.

Guest posts are a perfect way for me to reach out to more people and let them in on my tips and experiences. I end up reaching people who I normally wouldn’t reach and hopefully they will then start to follow my blog.

How bloggers approach me

Each week many people stumble across my blog and quite a few of them approach me with a guest post proposal so I have to decide which ones to accept. I only ever agree to reciprocal articles so we’re doing each other a favour and everybody wins! Most have their own blogs so we’ll decide between us how many links we’ll include back to our sites and how many photos are appropriate.

I also get guest post requests from SEO companies who don’t have an own blog, but are willing to pay to feature their article on my site. I don’t accept money for articles though as my aim was never to profit financially from my blog, it was just so I could have a place to write what I’m passionate about – so I have to politely decline these offers.

My own content vs. guest content

Although I try to please everyone by getting their posts up as soon as possible, I don’t want to have my site full of guest posts one after another if I’ve not had time to post on it myself. If I have a build-up of guest posts I’ll schedule them and tell the blogger when they can expect to see their article live. I then make sure to spread the guest posts out and write an own post in between to keep the flow – I want to make sure I’m writing the majority of content for my blog, of course!

Checking over the guest articles

When I write a guest post I really take my time over it and only send my best work. I even get someone else to read over it for spelling/grammar errors. I also expect to receive posts of the same caliber as I wouldn’t like to feature an article full of errors.

I sometimes receive posts from SEO companies which have obviously only been written to get a link in and they don’t make for very good reading so I have, on a few occasions, asked if they could be written a bit more organically. Luckily the second attempt has always been a lot better and I’ve then used it on my site. I’m not against accepting links from SEO companies as long as their link is something to do with travel. I am open to anyone who writes a good articles with informative content.

Photos please!

guest post requirements

I always add photos to my guest posts as we all know the saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ and seeing as I write travel posts I can’t exactly gush about how beautiful a place is and then not post a photo to prove it. Plus who just wants to read a wall of text? Photos help to spruce up the article and be more appealing to the reader. If the blogger doesn’t provide or have any photos then I’ll find some for them and ask if they think they’re suitable for their post.

What next?

After the posts have been made live I’ll then share them on Twitter and hope that the other blogger will do the same for some extra visibility.

I’m really glad that I decided to accept guest articles on my blog because as well as it providing varied content to my readers about places which I’ve never had the chance to visit, it also gives a sense of camaraderie in the blogging community.

Author Bio:

Suzanne Southall also writes for hungryhouse, the UK’s favourite online platform featuring takeaways across the country including restaurants in London, Nottingham and Glasgow.