Since part of my day-to-day tasks is to run blogger outreach programs on behalf of my clients, I come across some really good examples of blogging and partnership via ego bait link building.

In case you are unsure of what ego bait link building is, I’ll just go into a brief explanation of what it is about by showing a really good example of the one I came across this week. In the example shown in the screenshot below, a food blogger used her blog post to mention a similar blogger who she also follows on twitter.

ego bait link building example

Following from this she also tweets about this and mentions the blogger in the tweet and as can be seen in the image below;  she has also gotten a lot of positive responses from the blogger who was mentioned.

ego link bait twitter mention

This is what ego link building is all about.  It’s about using your content to get the attention of like-minded people or otherwise influential people in your niche.  It’s a great way to get noticed and increase the amount of shares, incoming links and traffic to a website or blog.

So what do you think about ego bait link building? Have you done it before? Did it work? Think about the methods you can use to get through to other like-minded bloggers and influential people in your niche.

I too can use this blog post and tweet at the food blogger mentioned to let her know that I have mentioned her in my blog post.  So in a way I guess this very blog post is also an ego bait link building attempt.

By Ibukun Sodipe