I have been coming across some really good examples of link building tactics that I just had to record down here and use in my post. I am about to dedicate a whole entry to this one example that I found and here is why;

A Change in SEO Tactics

Since the SEO algorithm updates, some people have been shook up so much about it that they have abandoned forms of link building that was done at the beginning but seems spammy when done in a bad way. For instance forum posting, commenting on blogs and much more.  Well, these things are effective when they are done naturally, so if the purpose of leaving a post on a relevant forum in your niche is just to get a link back to your site, then don’t do it, as it will surely hurt your rankings.  However,  if you are posting on a relevant forum and would like to share a competition that you are running then by all means post the link but only post these in the giveaways, competitions and discounts section of forums. This can be an effective way of gaining increased traffic to your website and although the link may be a nofollow link, the fact that it brings in a lot of traffic will be worth the while.

Bloggers want meaningful feedback in blog comments

Now I am going to move on swiftly to blog commenting on relevant blogs as I myself get a lot of spam comments that I delete immediately.  It’s very irritating when one spends their time and effort to blog about topics from their heart and in return, instead of getting some valuable feedback on what people think about the topic, there is a lot of spam content instead on things that are not even relevant to what the blog is about.  Bloggers want to know that their voice is being heard, they need some meaningful feedback in comments. This is why it is important to comment properly and really take the time to give something insightful back, other than just for getting a link back to your site.

Now the example I’d like to show is shown in the image below;

Blog comments for Charity

The person writing the comment is clearly targeting food bloggers and has left a message about a Fairtrade event, that she hopes the blogger can mention on the food blog.  Now although a direct approach, this method is very good especially with the fact that its not for a commercial reason  and its for charity.  This is a great way to of getting the right person’s attention.   If it was a car blog that this comment was left on, there are high chances that  it would not have been as effective.  As we can see in the image the blogger has replied to the comment and even agreed to post something about the event.  Which brings me to the conclusion that blog comments can an effective link building technique when done properly.

Do you have any more ideas of old link building tactics that can still be effective when done properly.

By Ibukun Sodipe