There are so many ways of doing creative link building and also on a really low-budget.  I mentioned some of these in my last post about creative link building,  however, today  I am going to discuss one of the ways I’ve been monitoring these tactics.


I recently came across this online tool called ClickMeter   when my work colleague was using it to monitor some of my link building tactics.  I got to know that it was a good way of showing which tactics worked the best and I’ve since started using it on a regular biases.

As can be seen below in the image before starting  to post any information about a deal or discount, just post the original link into ClickMeter and then it would shorten the link.  The shortened link will then be used and refer anyone who clicks on it to the original URL.  The whole point of doing this is so the link building tactics can be monitored.


So after creating the campaign, I can now post deals on relevant forum sites that accept and refer them to the original url with the shortened link provided from ClickMeter.  I did this and then checked the results and the success of these links by checking which of the forums I got my referrals from.

Clickmeter - Monitoring Campaign Sucess and List Of Clicks

Looking at the stats in the image above (if you can’t see it properly click on the image itself)  you will see that some of the referrals came from the Money-Saving Expert forum. This shows that Money Saving Expert Forum is a great place to add great discount deals. Basically it is a great place to get a link on as there are going to be a lot of guaranteed referrals.  So if you are running a discount deal on at your company be sure to stop by at the money saving expert forum and inform everyone about it in the discount codes section. There are so many people looking for free deals and this is a great way of gaining targeted traffic to your website or e-commerce brand.

Are there any other tools that you have used to monitor link building efforts (apart from Google Analytics)? Don’t get me wrong,  Google Analytic is a great tool that I also use. However,  I was just concentrating on using other  online tools that are also very easy to use.  Feel free to leave your comments below. It’s always great to read your feedback about my posts.

By Ibukun Sodipe