Recently, I’ve been  trying to find better ways to do my blogger outreach. Whilst, in this mindset I have been attending a few SEO networking events and testing out what other industry leaders are doing to secure links from relevant and authoritative sites.  This particular event that I attended was organised by Search London and  was titled; ‘finding hidden opportunities in PR and analytics’.

I am not going to dig into the analytics side of things right now but this post will be focused on the ways we can find hidden link opportunities by venturing into the unknown public relations perspective.

Now a lot of you will have realised by now that;  link building is not just about getting rich anchor text links,  it’s so much more than that. It is about getting something out there that people will actually read and gathering referrals from authoritative sites that you have earned a link on.  Surely, this is not easy to get but yet other professionals have been doing it well. This includes public relation specialists who have a way of getting their clients brands and businesses mentioned by mainstream news sites and papers.  Now this is all something I have looked into and I am still trying to perfect.  I don’t know if you may interpret me as going onto a more PR focused perspective but I sure think us link builders can learn a lot from this.

Who To Target – For  Potential Earned Media Links

Now when the presenter was discussing this she mentioned a few things we need to remember when targeting people who work for the new corporations and mainstream media outlets. She showed an image,  similar to the one below (but a lot more busier).  Basically what to keep in mind is that these people are very busy so make sure you catch them at a good time.  If they are too busy to talk to you at noon try in the morning when they are less busy.  They work to a tight deadline and need to get stories quickly. So if you take your time you may miss the first page slot.  Coming from a news site on webpage point of view you may want to make the homepage and may miss that chance so in link building terms it still applies.


Here is a list of people to target when looking for media and mainstream site linking opportunities;

Editors, News Editor, Features Editor, Freelance, Specialist Editors, Trainees

-Sub-editor: they check the content before it is published sometimes content may change as they have a way of making these things a lot more interesting.

Picture editor: pay attention to your photo’s when targeting a picture editor for an opportunity make sure you emphasis on the photo. It should make the story interesting.  People will want to read it when it does this.

Bloggers: those who specialise in their niche often get a section in the local news site, just because are passionate about what they do. They specialise in practical ways of doing things and that’s how they get on these sites.

I’d like to thank @clairetwaves for actually presenting this at the Search London event. It was very useful and I’ve surely learnt from it. I will be giving a link to the resource when I find it online. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that one.

Thanks for reading this. If you have anything you’d like to add leave them in the comment section below;

By Ibukun Sodipe