I came across this article a few days ago, it’s about women in the digital industry and I thought to myself I need to respond to it. It is not every time I read something that moves me to the point of reacting so I am going to keep this as brief as I can.  I agree that there should be more women in the digital industry; after all according to the SEO survey by Moz in 2012 only 23% of women are currently contributing to this sector.  I just feel like I should write about my insight offer my encouragement based on the small improvements I’ve seen so far.

When I joined the digital industry in 2010 (on my placement year), I noticed that a there were a lot of men in the office compared to women.  I was used to this anyway because on my course (Business Information Technology) it was dominated by males and I was one of the six girls on my course.

When I completed my course and joined the industry full time I noticed some improvement. My department had a few women but it was still dominated by males.  Over the years there have been many schemes to get women more involved with the digital and technical industries.

Women Making their mark in the SEO Industry

Being in the industry for a while now I have now seen so many inspiring women who are well ahead in the digital industry. Take a look at this article for example. These women are making their mark in the industry. This is the kind of thing that will inspire many more women to make their mark in their respective digital sectors and I am sure this kind of thing will continue.  I will be looking out for the coming years top women nominee for the digital sector.

Mummy Blogs

mummy blogger

In this day and age there are also many mummy blogs out there. They are mothers who blog regularly and often gain an income from it. Some of these mothers also have a full time day job which they manage to juggle alongside running their own successful blog.These women are knowledgeable about digital marketing and use this to market their blogs successfully.

In closing my note to women who may be trying to make their mark in the Digital industry (whether it be in the SEO, Social media, PPC, Display, Affiliate Marketing sector) don’t let the statistics get you down. We may be few but we sure are here! The digital industry is very interesting and you can succeed if you put your mind to it.

By Ibukun Sodipe