After Matt Cutts specifically stated that the page rank update wouldn’t come until 2014, many were surprised to see the page rank update actually occur on the 6th of December 2013. Take a look at a discussion that occurred on Twitter between Matt Cutts and Niel below; 

A tweet from Matt Cutts explains why the update occured earlier than 2014;

A lot of webmasters were surprised to see either an increase or a decline in their page rank. Along with those webmasters,  I was happy to see my homepage go from a page rank of zero to one.  That isn’t so bad at all. I wish it could have been a lot higher,  but gathering how inconsistent I have  been with blogging here I can see why this is the case. Anyway, I hope to be a lot more consistent with blogging in the new year. I am going to add this to my new years resolution.

Thanks for reading. Have you been affected by the page rank update?  Any increase in your page rank or sharp declines? Feel free to share this in your comment section below.

By Ibukun Sodipe