I have been very silent on the blogging front for a while now and since my new year resolution is to blog a lot more, I will be taking that into action today! Yay!!. I have written a lot of drafts which have not even made the publish button and I am very annoyed about that. Anyway,take a look at the way I have decided to revamp this blog and increase my content marketing efforts.

big time blogger

I will be covering the following areas in my next couple of posts;

A broader aspect of onsite and offsite SEO; This will include a lot more about SEO updates to Google Analytics,  algorithm updates,  Google Webmaster Tools and much more.  There have been a lot of updates on this front including the changes to Google Analytics keyword provided.

Predictions on what people have said about this year with SEO and whether it is happening or not. There have been many predictions on what is in store for SEO this year. I will be blogging on whether these things are likely to happen or not especially when there is announcement of some sort that matches the prediction.

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An interview blog post series with some influential people in the industry.  So for those with your own independent blogs and have a passion for the digital marketing industry, contact me for more information.

Updates on strategies from SEO and Digital Marketing seminars and events I’ll attend. Attending SEO and digital marketing events makes me feel like the lady in the GIF below;


There is something about like-minded individuals learning from each other that makes me so excited. Events led by organiser such as OMN London and Search London have to be one the best I have attended. Have you attended such events before? If so, you will be able to relate to that excitement I feel when I attend.  The last event I attended like this was in late June last year and I wrote a post about PR opportunities and link building that very day.

Last but not least; I’d love to say thank you to all my faithful blog followers who have continued reading this blog in what I call  the dry season (when I didn’t blog often).

Watch this space for more interesting things to come.

interesting things to come

Thanks for reading.

By Ibukun Sodipe