Google have been up to a lot recently launching into new territories, making changes to their existing tools and much more.  We know them as a search engine, but who would have thought that they’d go into the flight comparison market. Their new flight comparison tool is pretty cool too, take a look at;

With that being said, they caused quite a stir with it,  this resulted in a number of concerns being made.  Changes had to be made to the way they displayed searches for flights since it was reported that Google showed their own results more favorably than the other flight comparison brands.  This made it difficult for users to find the competitor’s relevant search results.

After concerns were raised on this matter, Google made changes to accommodate their competitors results. Take a look at the changes made in the picture below;


By making these changes, Google may have dodged a massive fine by the European Commission. There was a lengthy EU case on this matter and it has been dragging on for quite some time.

For more information on this case, read this press release by the European commission,

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By Ibukun Sodipe