Earlier on this afternoon, I was sent an email from a work colleague prompting me to search for ‘Greggs’ on Google.

When I did so this is exactly what it read; the phrase ‘providing shit to scum for over 70 years’ comes up underneath the logo. Something like this has happened before to PC world  and I was quick to blog about it too.

Here is what was shown in the search results when I typed in ‘Greggs’ into Google;

Greggs Logo mistake on google results







Take a closer look at the logo below;

Greggs Logo Blunder on Google



Greggs then responded to this by asking Google to sort out the embarrassing error and offered them a tray of donuts.

A lot of supportive tweets from customers that were pleased with how Greggs handled the matter also commented;





Personally,  I think Greggs have handled this matter very well and I am sure Google are working and hope this never happens again.  Read more about this and why it happened from Buzzfeed.

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