Google Webmaster Tools Guide

I have been so busy lately but I have used my spare time to get acquainted with Google Webmaster tools.  Take a look at some of the things it has helped me to understand about my blog.  You can also use this as a guide to analyse your site too.

Understanding the search queries leading to your website: 

When you log into webmaster tools and select the search traffic tab then go to the search queries box.

You’ll come across a dashboard showing all the keywords people are looking for to get to your site and how many times your webpage is displayed in search results when people enter in those particular keywords in Google.  This is known as impressions. Clicks are recorded when people actually click your webpage within the search results.

I have selected Impressions because I want to see the keywords that are showing up more in the search results.

Impressions do not mean that people will click on your link but it’s a good way of figuring out what people are searching for within your market.

search queries




Key insights:  Do these keywords reflect what my blog is about?  Why am I not getting enough clicks? Why am I not getting enough impressions for more than relevant keywords like link building tactics?  How can I optimise my pages further?


Further analysis: The post on Google’s flight comparison is getting some attention.  The actual blog post is located in the social media category. It seems like the data is showing that this is not very relevant for the blog as people reading it want to read about SEO not about a flight comparison tool error.

Possible Solutions:

  • Blog more regularly & write more about SEO. Post more SEO related ‘hot topics’.
  • Pay attention to keywords that people actually search for in real time. What is going on now?
  • Pay attention to the posts that gets the highest number of impressions. Write more posts on these themes.
  • Research thoroughly & write from a new angle on topics that people are discussing in the Digital marketing sphere.

Positive points:  At least the most relevant post is showing as keyword unavailable and this has a great deal to do with the current issue with Google Analytics & how SEO is measured.

Top Pages & Getting some social media love:

You can also select from top pages and date range to see where your impression led to clicks.   From here I can see that a lot of these posts actually did get clicks but wonder why these weren’t recoded in the search query section. I’ll look into this and report it in my next post.


Top pages


I also did some digging and looked into what posts received some social love on twitter.   Take a look at the tweet below directed at my post about the PC world logo error on Google which happened a few months ago. It goes to show that writing about real time events is the way forward.  I’ll try and do more of this.

Google Index: 

Find out about the number of pages Google have indexed.  As you can see less pages are being indexed compared to last year because of an update. In this update Google now focuses on indexing the non-secure pages of the site.  These are the pages people can access without having to login.

Index status

You can also remove URL’s that you don’t want to display in search results.  Find out more about how I removed the tagged pages and category pages from search results.

Content Keywords:  This is something I have found useful to use.  It shows how many times I’ve mentioned a specific term on my blog and how significant it is to the blog. (or how significant Google sees it anyway)


content keywords


Search Appearance

Data highlighter:  Now this tool is very interesting as it affects the way your pages show up in the search results. If you have an events page on your website you can add the information into Google highlighter within Google webmaster tools and your event will be displayed in a different way from standard search results.   I haven’t done this before but I’d sure love to. I am pretty sure Cinema outlets use this.  Take a look at the search for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’.

Search Appearance

These are the tools I’ve used within Google Webmaster Tools.  There are still a few more I am yet to use extensively.  I’ll explore that at a later date.

Thanks for reading.

I’d love to hear know your thoughts about Google webmaster tools.  Have you used it to monitor your website or blog?  Leave your comments below.