My last blog post was about what I learnt from the recent Brighton SEO conference. Guess what, it helped me get some more meaningful stats in Google webmaster tools. Check out the graph below. I am rubbing my hands with glee because I have even more to waffle on about.


Looking at the graph it’s not much to be excited about but bare in mind, I have been trying to record the amount of clicks I received so far.

Looking at the stats for Google Webmaster tools this week I can safely say writing about conferences that are relevant to this blog is a great thing. I’ll surely be putting this into action for future posts.Webmasterstat2

Within the past week of posting this article, it has received 5 impressions of which one of that resulted in a click. If I had analytics data for this blog I could easily check how long each visit lasted. Even if this is pretty low it is a starting point & shows that I am finally getting a hang of this blogging thing.

Going into the ‘top pages’ data, I can safely say that the Brighton SEO post is among the top pages that were seen in search results.

Displaying even more clicks than the search queries data, this post is on its way to becoming one of the performing blog post I’ve written this year.

Anyway, thanks to Brighton SEO Cenference, it inspired me to write a blog post that also helped me get some useful stats.

Have you carried out some experiments on your blog? Or have you written about a new topic that finally made you re-think your content marketing strategy? Feel free to leave your comments below.