This year has gone by in a flurry hasn’t it?  Every year Google rolls the most search terms for the year along with a background story of each one.

Take a look at this year’s most search trends. I have summarised the ones that struck out to me as interesting.

Here are some of the most popular search terms

It was quite a year for Pharell Williams with his chart topping song ‘Happy’,  even his hat sparked a lot of searches alongside this.

pharell william search

It was also interesting to see that the top countries that searched for the song ‘happy’ are; Bolivia, India, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. I am pretty sure Pharell’s marketing team would be all over this and suggest some of these for his next concert appearance.

pharell william

Most searched games in 2014

Now those of you into gaming will know about Flappy Bird.  The game was so addictive that the owner took it offline and then later on searches for this started to peak. Then in March searches for ‘Flappy Bird’ stated started going head to head with ‘2048’ which is another popular game.

Most searched games

Doesn’t this go with the saying that when you can’t have something it makes you want it more!

Here is the final list of top games;

Most searched trending games in 2014

Trends from Offline that also made it online

Isn’t it interesting to things trending offline that also go online.  Loom bands became a big hit from schools all over and had children and adults alike (even my sister, who is a teacher) making hand bracelets out of loom bands and to be honest it looked amazing. People also searched for ‘loom band tutorials’ and ‘loom band designs’.

There were so many more interesting insights  that were expanded on from Google Trends.  Did you search for any of these trending topics this year?  What do you think should have been mentioned.  Feel free to leave your comments below.

Thanks for reading and wishing you all a happy new year.