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Brighton SEO – You’re so Super, You don’t even know it!

My last blog post was about what I learnt from the recent Brighton SEO conference. Guess what, it helped me get some more meaningful stats in Google webmaster tools. Check out the graph below. I am rubbing my hands with glee because I have even more to waffle on about.


Looking at the graph it’s not much to be excited about but bare in mind, I have been trying to record the amount of clicks I received so far.

Looking at the stats for Google Webmaster tools this week I can safely say writing about conferences that are relevant to this blog is a great thing. I’ll surely be putting this into action for future posts.Webmasterstat2

Within the past week of posting this article, it has received 5 impressions of which one of that resulted in a click. If I had analytics data for this blog I could easily check how long each visit lasted. Even if this is pretty low it is a starting point & shows that I am finally getting a hang of this blogging thing.

Going into the ‘top pages’ data, I can safely say that the Brighton SEO post is among the top pages that were seen in search results.

Displaying even more clicks than the search queries data, this post is on its way to becoming one of the performing blog post I’ve written this year.

Anyway, thanks to Brighton SEO Cenference, it inspired me to write a blog post that also helped me get some useful stats.

Have you carried out some experiments on your blog? Or have you written about a new topic that finally made you re-think your content marketing strategy? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Increasing Content Marketing Efforts by Practicing Ego Bait Link Building

Since part of my day-to-day tasks is to run blogger outreach programs on behalf of my clients, I come across some really good examples of blogging and partnership via ego bait link building.

In case you are unsure of what ego bait link building is, I’ll just go into a brief explanation of what it is about by showing a really good example of the one I came across this week. In the example shown in the screenshot below, a food blogger used her blog post to mention a similar blogger who she also follows on twitter.

ego bait link building example

Following from this she also tweets about this and mentions the blogger in the tweet and as can be seen in the image below;  she has also gotten a lot of positive responses from the blogger who was mentioned.

ego link bait twitter mention

This is what ego link building is all about.  It’s about using your content to get the attention of like-minded people or otherwise influential people in your niche.  It’s a great way to get noticed and increase the amount of shares, incoming links and traffic to a website or blog.

So what do you think about ego bait link building? Have you done it before? Did it work? Think about the methods you can use to get through to other like-minded bloggers and influential people in your niche.

I too can use this blog post and tweet at the food blogger mentioned to let her know that I have mentioned her in my blog post.  So in a way I guess this very blog post is also an ego bait link building attempt.

By Ibukun Sodipe

Bloggers Outreach And Guest Blogging: How To Do It Right

As a link builder, it is important to be able to run a successful bloggers outreach program, by knowing exactly how to approach bloggers. Writing guest posts on niche and relevant blogs is a great way to reach a targeted and relevant audience. So getting it right, by knowing what to say and how to persuade a blogger that your content is just right for his or her blog, is very vital.

Suzanne owns a travel blog and gets a lot of traffic to it daily. This no doubt attracts many people who are looking for guest post opportunities. Here is Suzanne’s view on guest blogging, what it should contain and the reasons why;

Hi! I’m Suzanne and I own the blog Travel Addict. I’m a massive fan of travelling so thought it only made sense for me to start my own blog, giving my travel tips to others.

How I got started with guest blogging

After just writing my own content for my blog I decided to contact a few travel bloggers whose blogs I’d been keeping up with. Instead of just writing a mass email, which I pretty sure most bloggers are used to and can easily spot, I decided to show that I actually read the blog by referring to one of their posts. I then proposed three content ideas relating to their blog and let them choose their favourite. Most bloggers were happy to let me guest post and some even thanked me for writing an emailed tailored to them.

Guest posts are a perfect way for me to reach out to more people and let them in on my tips and experiences. I end up reaching people who I normally wouldn’t reach and hopefully they will then start to follow my blog.

How bloggers approach me

Each week many people stumble across my blog and quite a few of them approach me with a guest post proposal so I have to decide which ones to accept. I only ever agree to reciprocal articles so we’re doing each other a favour and everybody wins! Most have their own blogs so we’ll decide between us how many links we’ll include back to our sites and how many photos are appropriate.

I also get guest post requests from SEO companies who don’t have an own blog, but are willing to pay to feature their article on my site. I don’t accept money for articles though as my aim was never to profit financially from my blog, it was just so I could have a place to write what I’m passionate about – so I have to politely decline these offers.

My own content vs. guest content

Although I try to please everyone by getting their posts up as soon as possible, I don’t want to have my site full of guest posts one after another if I’ve not had time to post on it myself. If I have a build-up of guest posts I’ll schedule them and tell the blogger when they can expect to see their article live. I then make sure to spread the guest posts out and write an own post in between to keep the flow – I want to make sure I’m writing the majority of content for my blog, of course!

Checking over the guest articles

When I write a guest post I really take my time over it and only send my best work. I even get someone else to read over it for spelling/grammar errors. I also expect to receive posts of the same caliber as I wouldn’t like to feature an article full of errors.

I sometimes receive posts from SEO companies which have obviously only been written to get a link in and they don’t make for very good reading so I have, on a few occasions, asked if they could be written a bit more organically. Luckily the second attempt has always been a lot better and I’ve then used it on my site. I’m not against accepting links from SEO companies as long as their link is something to do with travel. I am open to anyone who writes a good articles with informative content.

Photos please!

guest post requirements

I always add photos to my guest posts as we all know the saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ and seeing as I write travel posts I can’t exactly gush about how beautiful a place is and then not post a photo to prove it. Plus who just wants to read a wall of text? Photos help to spruce up the article and be more appealing to the reader. If the blogger doesn’t provide or have any photos then I’ll find some for them and ask if they think they’re suitable for their post.

What next?

After the posts have been made live I’ll then share them on Twitter and hope that the other blogger will do the same for some extra visibility.

I’m really glad that I decided to accept guest articles on my blog because as well as it providing varied content to my readers about places which I’ve never had the chance to visit, it also gives a sense of camaraderie in the blogging community.

Author Bio:

Suzanne Southall also writes for hungryhouse, the UK’s favourite online platform featuring takeaways across the country including restaurants in London, Nottingham and Glasgow.

How To Use Content Marketing To Engage Effectively

Recently, I have been doing a bit more of content marketing and would like share a few things I found useful in the process. I also started thinking about the content I come across that captures me and keeps me reading until the end and I thought to myself  ‘I hope my blogs are engaging too’. If not, you could always leave a comment and advise me on what you think about my content.  Here are some of the ways I have discovered to use content marketing to engage with readers.

Using Experience As The Best Teacher

Have you ever heard of the phrase, ‘experience is the nest teacher? well, it certainly is. Think about it, when you experience something you usually can explain it better and much more effectively than when you hear about  someone.  You can also apply this concept into your content marketing efforts. I have done this with my post titled: The Power Of Social Media (Especially In The Case Of HMV) where I showed real examples about the power of social media and used pictures on real tweets that went hand in hand with what I was trying to explain. To me,  that was an experience on its own, it was not my first-hand experience but I saw this incident occurring and discussed it with my peers at work.  I thought about it and tried to imagine myself in the victim’s position, I then thought about how I would react to the situation.  These are the sort of things you can put into practice when writing content.

Be Passionate About Your Content

When you are passionate about something and you write about it,  chances are it will show in the tone of your message.  You will elaborate about the key facts of your passion and you will make an effort to persuade others to become interested in it. Here are some of the bloggers that meets this criteria.

One blogger that really puts this into practice is;  Sean  Si –  especially with his blog post titled; SEO Without Boundaries which I found extremely helpful as an SEO practitioner. It is clear from all his posts that he is passionate about SEO and proves his knowledge through his content.

Remind Yourself Why You Started Writing In The First Place

Some people write to remind themselves of their passion, some to attract clients and to keep them informed on product and service updates,  for others it’s to share their knowledge.  Anyway, whatever your reason for blogging and writing content in general remind yourself of it once in a while.  It will motivate you to keep on blogging, writing and to be engaging in the content.

By Ibukun Sodipe

Patience Is The Key When It Comes To SEO

A lot of people don’t realise the amount of patience that it takes to actually get a website ranking well in search engines. I have come across a number of clients that expected rankings to shoot up to page one as soon as SEO starts being implemented.  If you are one of those, let me tell you something, it takes time to really devise a good strategy and a bit more before you start to see the results.

Practical Ways to Practice SEO Effectively

As you will have heard, content is king when it comes to SEO.  Writing interesting content that people would like to read is actually a key component of an effective SEO strategy and many fail to understand this.  Many people still write content for search engines and stuff keywords in that don’t even make sense to readers.

Once some great content has been written,  get the content out there, by sharing it on your twitter account,  with a statement on why you think the content is good.  Share it on StumbleUpon and various other social websites you may be using.  After all, that is what social is about, sharing your thoughts, feelings and achievements, the latest news in your line of industry and much more. In this blog post, the idea that people use social networks to distribute what they like is discussed in more detail. Make your blog more visible by adding all the sharing social media icons. These are practical forms of link building that you should employ on a regular biases. If your content is good people will share it with their friends and comment and interact with you.

These are some of the ways you can practice SEO effectively, and get results from them. Sharing your content with real people beats submitting your website to a crummy unrelated web directory.  Okay,  If it’s a niche directory or a local one on the other hand by all means submit your website to it.  When its a general directory that’s just there as a link farm on the other hand,. my advise will be to stay well clear of that.

Think about it, these techniques take time to do and although you may think that these things are not reaping any SEO benefits at the start, if you continue to practice them they will later on. This is because consistency and patience is the key when it comes to SEO.  Thanks for reading and if you have anything to add please leave your comments below.

By Ibukun Sodipe

Why It Is Better To Build Your Twitter Followers Naturally

As you will have gathered from my last post, I have been using twitter to find link opportunities by building relationships with thought leaders i.e. influential people.

During this time, I have gained a few twitter followers of people I could actually see myself working with in the future. I also came across a few ‘buy twitter followers schemes’ that I was quite curious about.  I looked into the whole concept and I realised that it could actually do more harm than good.  For instance, if  I did purchase this scheme, how about if my existing followers found out? Would it even be legal? How about if I wanted to become an influential thought leader in my line of industry and be a part of the knowledge graph? Would I be able to do that, whilst buying irrelevant followers that couldn’t care less about what I tweet about?

What Do Others Say About Buying Twitter Followers?

I read a few blog posts about why not to buy twitter followers and this post really went into detail. At the end of reading the post, I had already made up my mind and decided that I wouldn’t buy twitter followers.

Below is one of the comments after reading the post that struck out to me.


Imagine, this commenter would rather wait 10 years to build faithful followers who,  at the end of the day are interested to hear what I have to say and would even re-tweet my updates from time to time. These faithful followers would be able to help me reach even more people by re-tweeting my content or blog post to their own followers.  Making my service even more available and reachable to more people outside my immediate circle of followers.

The Conclusion

This is what using Twitter is all about. It’s about building relationships with real people, earning their trust and finding a way to work with them. You can use Twitter to connect with those who you are trying to convince to read your informative blog, buy your product, review your product or share their opinion on your product. Hence, reaching their followers and increasing visits to your website, which would then increase the likelihood of you making more sales.  It’s all a cycle,  that has become a lot clearer to those who use it properly, to build a fan base that is not based on fakery. Anyway, I’ve made my point.  How about you, what do you think? Leave your comments below.

By Ibukun Sodipe

Using Twitter To Connect With Influencial People & Increase Mentions

I’ve been using twitter a lot these days,  to scour for relevant bloggers,  to find relevant content and really dig into the latest trends in SEO.   This post is going to be really short as I am still learning some of these techniques and will be blogging a lot more on this topic in the future. In this time I have been able to find relevant influential people in this field and even reached out to a few of them. On account of this, I have increased my own influence and even gained a few more twitter followers in the process.

The Use Of Twitter

Many influential thought leaders,  and bloggers use twitter to actually share their content with their followers.  As you will already know you can use twitter to connect with like-minded people in the same line of industry. A number of these influential bloggers will be happy when one re-tweets their content and thus help their content reach more people.

Getting Mentions

When you tweet a bloggers content and mention them in the tweet you are letting them know that you have shared their content.  This will increase the likelihood of you getting some kind of appreciation and that’s what this influential social media thought leader has explained in his post about a follow Friday technique that he uses to reward those who have re-tweeted his tweets,  tweeted him a compliment or anyone he had a conversation with.  This is some of the ways you can increase your influence on Twitter and social media platforms.  By really communicating with people and taking the time to form relationships online.  Good luck as you go about tweeting and try to get as many mentions as you can.

Thanks for reading.  If you have any comments please write them below.

By Ibukun Sodipe

Why Content Curation Is A Great Way To Increase Back links Over Time

Ever heard of the phrase ‘create, publish and share’ well I have and I think its awesome.  Just thinking about the last couple of months when I didn’t make use of this technique makes me annoyed.  Trying new things is definitely a good way of learning and in the past couple of weeks I have definitely learned a lot.  Okay let me get straight to the point.

Last month or so I came across this tool called and I started to include it into my usual link building strategy. So when a new article or blog post was written I shared it on Scoop.It which is a content curation site that also allows one to write a short snippet of text summarising the content in a paragraph.  That way the content is seen as unique and not just copied from the original source. I did this with a number of clients blogs and the next month I realised a rise in incoming links for those clients.

Increased Shares On Twitter

Another good thing about using a great platform such as scoop it for content curation,  is that it allows you to share your scoop with a tweet.  In each case I made sure I tweeted at the client with their twitter name so that they could also re-tweet the post and share it with their niche community of followers.

scoopit demo

The screen shot above shows that with each content scoop,  users can easily tweet their  content to their followers. I also used this feature to tweet at relevant parties as mentioned above. Think about it all that sharing is bound to get someone interested sharing your content too. As well as doing this I also started scooping other author’s content and they followed me and scooped my content too.

Increased Back links Over Time

After following this method for about a month or so,  I looked over the back link profile and noted that the external links had shot up a lot. Especially for one website as can be seen in the screenshot below.  As long as the content is interesting and one builds their community by following others and sharing their content,  others will be led to follow your content and scoop your content too.


See how the number of links has risen, very steadily at first and  then climbing up further and further.  It’s an interesting sight to see and I am happy that I’ve included content curation into my link building strategy.   Thanks for reading.  If you have any comments feel free to add them below.

By Ibukun Sodipe