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A Modern Day Fairy-tale – On A Flight!!

Have you ever been on a flight and you met somebody who you’d have liked to exchange contact details with? Well, this is exactly what happened to lady who got to talking with a man on her flight from Dallas to Calgary.  He really must have made quite an impression because she then went on to tweet American Airlines for more information about the passenger.

Take a look at her tweet below;

However the response she received was not what she was hoping for, since flight companies cannot give out details of their passengers details.

After some tweets back and forth American Airlines offered a few options to help her find her price charming.

A few more supporting twitter followers offered their support.

The titter trend #FindClauco was started to help find him.

Last, but not least she actually managed to find the guy and thanked American Airlines for their help.

This story actually made quite an impact as it was also reported on Yahoo news and many other news sites who also have the full story.

What lengths would you through to find your prince charming? Feel free to leave your comments below;

By Ibukun Sodipe

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