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Travel Stuff

When I  started this blog, it was to help me document all the best practices for SEO and really come up with effective and creative ways of optimising a website. I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing is actually not so bad when you think of it.  A lot has changed for me since that time and whilst I am still into blogging about SEO I am also discovering new things about travel.  I am doing a lot of new things in my spare time and actually going to different places. I find myself appreciating nature and the general beautiful scenery and I would like to share some of these things on my blog too.  This is why I have decided to use this space for my travel related stuff.  Okay I am not exactly a traveller per say,  but I am off to the US in about 17 days for a much-needed holiday. Have a read on what I will be up to in the USA and the specific places I am visiting.

San Francisco

I’ll be heading to San Francisco on the 24th Of June.. so that is 17 days from now and I am literally counting down from today. I plan to go to China beach, take a picture on the famous Golden Gate Bridge,(i.e. the one in the picture below) do a bit of shopping and so much more..oh yeah and how can I forget I would love to get a massage and my nails done too.. oooh  I am just so excited.


Okay, I haven’t planned it out in my head yet.. I still need to do some research on more of best things to do in San Francisco, so if anyone has any tips be sure to leave them in the comments below. 

Portland Oregon

After San Francisco I also plan on going to Portland for a week before heading back to London and continuing with life. It’s nice to get away, isn’t it?  It’s especially nice to get away from the usual hustle and bustle anyway and this trip is long overdue. Can you believe it,  the last time I got on the plane it was in 2011 and this is 2013. Okay, I have got to make this travelling thing a yearly thing, because two years is a very long time.

I’ll stop right there. Anyway, watch this space for more travel related stuff.  I am going to be adding more entries soon.

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