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Shopping In California – Day 1

I arrived in San Francisco yesterday around 3.33pm (US California time) and it was a great flight.  I actually had a window seat this time so I got to see everything.

Plane landing

When we were landing I got to see the amazing landscape and I must say, my oh my it is a city surrounded by water.  I noted how close we were to the water when landing and I tried not to panic, then I realised that we had reached the airport and then the plane started to land. It was an amazing experience and I must say I have learned a lot about planes than I knew before.

Carpool Lane

My friend came to pick me up at the airport in her car and she brought me to her house which is in California (just  45 mins away from San Francisco).

She brought her little brother with her so that we were up to 3 people in the car. This qualified us for driving in the carpool lane. Having more than 2 people in the car means each persons travel costs are reduced and the lane allows one to cut through traffic. This is why they introduced the carpool lane,  to reduce traffic and get more people to save fuel by having more people in the car.  Even when we were in the carpool lane, we still got stuck in a bit of traffic as everyone seemed to be coming back from work at that time.  When we eventually reached California, I couldn’t help but marvel at how much more residential it looked in comparison to the industrial and ever busy city over in San Francisco.


Today I did  a lot of shopping with my friends in California.  We went over to a huge mall and I just wanted to get some of my typical ‘needs’ shopping out-of-the-way.  Taking into consideration  that the UK pounds sterling is stronger than the US dollars I made sure that I buy things I normally wouldn’t buy in the UL as it would have been so much more expensive.


When walking through the mall I settled down in one of the relaxation chairs. For 1 dollar I could have got a 2 minute massage but I seemed to have run out of quarters.  Anyway, myself and my friend snapped a photo there. It looks ever so tropical, doesn’t it?

Relaxation chairs

Later on, I snapped a few more bizarre photographs of the mall,  (I was really marveling at the way it looked so magnificent), when this lady ducked ever so dramatically because she didn’t want to show in the photograph.  I laughed so loud at this along with my friends who agreed that she really didn’t have to duck she could have just walked another way.

Take a look at some of the pictures below; the slides are for wheelchair users but  I think it gives an amazing effect.



For lunch we went over to Lee’s garden, a Chinese restaurant that gives generous portions. Take a look at my plate. I couldn’t finish that in one sitting so I saved some for later.Lee's garden


Ross is like the TK Max of Britain. I bought a lovely bag that would have originally been $89.00  and I only paid $29.00. It’s an awesome bag and I am not going to show the pic here but if you don’t believe me check out the image below.

Bag tag..

When we were going to pay for our items the lady at the counter asked me where I was from and found my English accent so interesting.  She made us all laugh when she said we should come again before I travel back to London.

The rest of the afternoon when driving I poked a bit of fun at the american accept and truth be told..I sound like I am talking through my nose when I do that.

If you are ever in the US and want to get great quality brand stuff for discounted price, visit Ross.

Anyway, today was really a shopping day and it was a great experience. Later on this week when it’s sunnier we’ll be heading to San Francisco where a lot will be happening so watch this space.

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