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Travelling Day 1 – One Long Sunday

So today was travel day for me.  I have had one long Sunday indeed. I boarded the flight from London to Philadelphia at 12:15 pm London time. 8 hours and 15 mins later I arrived in Philadelphia and waited for my connecting flight to Portland which was delayed for 2 hours. Take a look of what I actually got up to and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Middle Seat

As I walked into the plane I realised that I had been given a middle seat and to make it worst I had to sit next to two rather large guys.  I managed to get comfortable somehow although one of them was snoring really loud at one point and I kept sighing because it was quite annoying.

Sleeping Time

I don’t remember ever sleeping this much on a plane flight before, but this time that’s what I did. I watched movies and enjoyed them and then fell asleep. I kept waking up to find that it was time for food or tea or coffee.  I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever felt so peaceful like I did today whilst on my flights. I thank God, because He gave me that peace. I was anxious about travelling alone and instead of me being excited I was so worried. I really don’t know why I was worried because all I had to do was relax, cause God had it all under control already. Honestly, anxiety is a waste of time. I do need to stop worrying too much about every little thing.

USA Security Measures

Once I arrived in Philadelphia,  I had to go through a lot of security checks.  I never knew that the US was this serious about security. I guess I can understand considering all they have been through with terrorist attacks here and there. Anyway, they had me taking off my shoes, even if it was flat and checking me to see if I had nothing on me. I even had to be scanned and raise my hands up whilst doing so. To be honest,  I was a little annoyed that I had to take off my shoes because I was wearing sandals with no socks so I had walk barefoot whilst going through the checks.

Plane Delay

After that scenario, I had to do a lot of waiting around at Philadelphia, because my connecting flight to Portland was being maintained. I waited for a total of 2 hours and in that time I was so hungry so I bought myself a packet of Doritos which (was a huge packet). It looked like extra-large Doritos that I could get for 99 pence  in London.

We eventually started boarding the plane 2 hours after the planed time and I took some amazing photographs whilst we were in the air. I felt so sad saying bye to Philadelphia, I didn’t get to go outside but I spoke to a few people who said it’s an amazing place to visit.  It’s the 5th largest state in the US so it’s pretty massive. Whilst taking off I sat near the window and was able to see the beautiful landscape.  I wish I could have taken a snapshot of those but we had to switch off all our electronic devices during the take off.

Take a look at the pics I did get to take.

Sky2  Sky1

Arrived at Portland Oregon

I arrived in Portland, On Sunday around 10:50 to 11:00 pm. So you can see why I’ve called this blog post One Long Sunday. In London at this time it would have been around 7 or 8 or 9pm on Monday. In reality i have been traveling for a whole day and a  whole morning.

Take a look at the hotel I am staying at.

Bed Hotel IMG_1198

I got here with a free shuttle from the Portland Airport. So that’s one travel tip I’ll have to impart to anyone who is travelling on a budget, look out for hotels that do free shuttle services from the airport as it saves having to pay for a taxi or even car hire.

So tomorrow I am off to San Francisco and that’s when the adventure begins.

Anyway, thanks for reading and leave your comments below.

7 thoughts on “Travelling Day 1 – One Long Sunday

  1. Aw yay! So glad you got there ok and had a peaceful flight – told you you didn’t need to worry 😉

    Enjoy every minute of your trip – I’m drooling just thinking of all the food you’re gonna be eating! Look forward to more blog posts 🙂

    C x

  2. Thanks for commenting guys. @Ope I know lol. If u were there you would have been so annoyed. I eventually made small talk with both guys they turned out to be really nice people. thanks Susan, Catherine and Esther.. I’ll be putting up more updates as I go along. xx

  3. What a lovely post Ibs… It’s good to witness your first flying experience alone. I can imagine about the snoring on the plane… But thankfully being tall myself, I don’t think that arrangement world have worked 😉

    I look forward to reading more about your escapade to the USA…

    Enjoying it so far!

    Thanks for sharing it with us all 🙂


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